Thankful & To-do Thursday

Yelz..decided to use my nephew's pic instead of a baby from google. Ayaf started modelling him from such a young age! hehe #okbye

                                                                            Hi! :D

So it's Thursday again, and honestly, I've been thinking today was Friday (insert possible suggestions on why that is - here). A lot has happened between last week and this week, and I'm really thankful. However, there are people I'll always be thankful for: God, My family, my friends...both old and new *smiley and mushy grin*

I hope your week(s) has/have been great so far? Thank God we're alive. People are just dying these days. God bless their souls. :( So; here's what I'm thankful for:

  • Logo: After such a long time in anxiousness and indecisiveness, I finally got my clothing line logo done. I'm hoping this will fuel my courage in sewing and take me places with my prospective designs :)

    Logo by @oshomah

    Attractive Serenren
  • Sewing: I'm grateful for the fact that after holding a wonderful friend's fabric in fear of ruining it for over 2 weeks and making excuses for not cutting it with my poor new table that's taking forever to make it into neither my house nor out of the carpenter's shop; I finally cut out the style yesterday under rather uncomfortable circumstances. *phew* iss nor easy! :D

  • Sisiyemmie: Hmm remember I mentioned in my "20 Things About Me" Post that I couldn't do without visiting Sisiyemmie's blog in a day? And I even tagged her? She replied on one of my old posts! You needed to have seen my face! I was totally wow-ed and grinning from ear to ear. thanks again, Sisi! (I kuku know I've fed her a whole 3-daily-meal worth of food with my thanks, but thanks!)

  • Slum2School: Did I mention I was a volunteer for this NGO! Yes I did! And I talked about the #1000Dreams campaign in this post. I'm thankful that even if I've had so much work and so little time to rest, I finally registered for the Charity walk holding this saturday! P.S: You don't have to be a volunteer to participate. How cool is that? Just make sure you buy the dresscode teeshirt, and probably bring old textbooks you think might be of use to kids in Primary and Secondary School (that's if you still have them) and we can all walk the walk together and make #1000Dreams of 1000 Kids come true! *abrakadabra! 

  • New friends: I'm grateful for new friends, however made online :D Some were made offline tho...I'm happy to have met them. Good people! Should I name names?

  • Uche: So my friend and fellow fashion designer; Uche Edobor of House of DUS is getting married a few months from now! Whoop! I'm grateful for the fact that I met her while she was dating, through the proposal and still knew her at the point she's getting married. Grateful for her life! P.S: i saw her yesterday and haven't gotten over seeing her since almost after a year (Yes we met during NYSC in 2013...Who would believe? I takia of my own gaan! :D Brenda, I love u too, if you're reading this. *you know why*). Check out @houseofdus on IG 

So I'll be going for the Charity walk on Saturday the 16th of this month...there's still time to join and register on truppr! Register and Print your ticket here

Not sure where I'll be going on Sunday, but  I probably might just stay in, watch a movie, that kind of thing :D

By the way, the series I've been catching lately are:

  • Star crossed
  • The Tomorrow people
  • Switched At Birth
  • House Of Cards
So far, I love all these series. Might be doing reviews soon. Switched At birth is making me fall in love with ASL. Please anyone as crazy for series as I am? Whatever happened to Devious Maids?? Holla in the comment box if you have any info please!

What are YOU thankful for? 

Gotta leave from work. Hectic day. 
God bless us all.

*Runs back* ehn ehn: did I hear they wanna ban ponmo? Like Seriously? When has ponmo ever robbed me of my life, biko? #okbye


Anonymous said...

Your logo is so chic, well done!

Try to practise your sewing, you'll get better and more confident one stitch at a time :-)

I've discovered that writing about my sewing projects encourages me to improve my techniques.

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Awwww...Thanks, nedoux! I can't believe I'm just seeing this!

Thanks for stopping by...might even add writing about my projects to posts.

Do visit again!

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