Word For the Week: Magic

Hi guys! How have you been?!

It's been quite a while since I came here and quite a while before that, I'm so sorry. First my busy schedule got in the way, then laziness set in after that, or should I say I just decided to rest in for longer.

A quick catchup on what I've been up to: I've been on a movie and series production set as the Production Assistant and these productions were amazing! I'll definitely put up posts about them when they're about to air or be premièred.

Last Saturday, I was at the fourth edition of Live Your Dreams Africa (I'll write extensively about my experience and takeaways in another post and I was entrepreneur-ally blessed. Literally. You have no idea. I've come to see that creating magic could feel very unique and fun. An icing on the cake would be the fact that someone else is also having fun using and implementing what you've created.

Just like its meaning implies, it's a fantastic feeling to know you've done something that people love. If you do create magic that only you love, don't pass out on the fun of creating it, it just means that there's another form of magic waiting to be tapped and you've been able to create it.

My friend, Haneefah Adam from this post and this post created magic in the past week and the internet have been and is still raving about it.

Before then, she had created an earlier magic that had appealed so much to the Islamic community. That tells you that there's no limit to the magic you could create. 

Just make sure to be authentic!

I'm currently creating a magic of my own. It's still in the works and I'm really excited. To top it all off, I have really really really amazing friends and family that are doing everything in their power to take that journey with me. Sometimes, you don't have to create magic all on your own, so as this week starts on yet another fresh page, please try to make magic. No pressure. If it doesn't come this week, it sure will come another week.

Tweet: You've got the wand, just wave it when you're ready http://ctt.ec/4py0T+

P.S: I joined in on this interesting hashtag #The100DayProject where based on your skill, you could share something creative everyday for 100 days. I've been sharing some of mine on twitter @LolaOgunnupebi and on Instagram, @dm_lola. Please see these channels to check them out. You could also participate if you're interested, it's not too late to join the ride. Thanks!


Finally, sip some Coke, all is well with the world. Hehe

Till next time,

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