My Camp Tales

Everyone has their camp experiences when they go....these are my tales.Enjoy....
So, at exactly 8:00 in the night, I arrived Magaji Dan Yanusa Camp in Keffi. The journey down from Lagos was much fun, as we were all going to the same place. The soldiers were already boring us with tales of how we were there to "chop" government food and "collect" government money right from the gate.

The registration crew was closed for the day, so we just went for mattresses and hostels. Every of the girls in our bus stayed in the same hostel (we later splited though).

We were all always together till we were shared into platoons *which was after registration the next day* Even after that sef, some of us still stuck together.

I had these 2 amazing ladies as friends - they had the nicest kind of maturity I had ever seen (Mojisola & Chinenye) - and i loved my camp experience with them.

I met a whole bunch of others as well - good, bad, ugly, nice, shy, crazy, interesting, and my "quarter guard" team - those guys were A-MA-ZING!!! *its painful I won't be with them next year on passing out*

I also had these wonderful set of friends, whose company i cherished much - Oma, Sam, Ope, Abubakar, and Matthias. We always had meaningful things to talk about (btw, sam na gehl oh! looool).

I had my own doc. (Lanre), and met a few other cute ones *wink*, and some others with beautiful names *one beauty called "Deji" and a guy called "Alaanuloluwa"

My platoon was filled with all kinds of people - was proud to be a part of them- and we had the best couple of platoon commanders on camp (Obozua & Ibrahim).

I met stalkers *God help me* and cuties - John, Aminu, jvic, Galahard, Tiza, Shobok, Michael 1 & 2, Chioma, Osa (cartoon face), Lucia...and one soldier like that *winks again* can't really remember all of their names now *flees* loooool!!!

I was able to participate in ever memorable activities - volleyball, Quarterguard (especially this). I loved the morning execises ( I do lik e this; I balance well!!!)

Camp was basically fun sha...except the part where i have to listen to the bugle cry (hated the sound of that thing) and definately the "fire alarm" (that thing gave me the worst type of catarrh ever).

I met 2 lovely natives - Joy and Comfort. Joy asks "aunty can i be your friend?" and it felt so good! Comfort was the most honest and loyal one i had ever met. God bless those kids..

Lemme add that i enjoyed every spot i dined at in mami...and i met the worst type of network ever!

And then, my voice left me before camp ended and came back on the day it ended.
Okay, not until recently, if I was told. by anyone that my folks knew people, i would have denied it.

I was redeployed!!!! To Ondo State!!!! and caught unawares too!!!! I just give glory to God for the lovely experience in Nas (I tushed the name to my taste :D).

P.S: Mojisola won Miss Big Bold and Beautiful.....#proudfriend!!!# (me sef dey famz...iss nor easy, lool).

P.P.S: m currently in Akure....going home soon.

Seasons greetings!!!

Thanks always for stopping by.
Mostly appreciate them.
And as always,
DO come back!!!


Anonymous said...

9ce 1 gal.kip it up

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thanks:) glad you loved it

ay said...

I see you had fun at camp.. hope your skin didn't darken too much though?

Wish you all the best throughout the rest of your NYSC year :)

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thank you darling..:)

Funny enough, it didn't oh! I have such a lovely skin! *Yaay me*

Thanks much *e-hugs*

Anonymous said...

Tis all Asin! Nice 1 tho.

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thanks!!! :)

Moses Xpressions said...

Very cool babe.

Nwaoduah victor said...

I can't believe my name was, mis u more.

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thanks, hun :)

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Lool...thanks for stopping by, victor :D. Miss you too :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one is all about meeting people and parting again but one thing will always remain # MEMORIES#....I remember the morning meditation I wrote and read unbehave of my platoon ..."BE YOURSELF".till we met again u all @ Nasarawa Camp 12C....Andu Oluwaseun

Morounfoluwa Lukina Akibo said...

Yaay! So glad you had fun at camp...

Enjoy the rest of your service year dear!

ay said...

Hey you!!
Where have you been?.. Happy new year!!

I passed on the Liebster blog award to you. Check out my blog for details


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