Weeked Playlist x Happy New Month!

Yay it's a new month! And a Friday too - Friyay!
2016 has been quite eventful for me so far, how has yours been? If it hasn't been looking according to plan yet - don't worry, success is just around the corner!

For the first time, I started using the Cassie Daves Blog Planner (Review coming up soon) and right from the ordering to the delivery process, it was a truly jolly ride. I won't lie, I've been getting really creative with that planner, thanks Cassie! If you want to purchase it but need a convincing review, not to worry! Berry has written one here and really, I recommend this planner.

 I'm also working on a new design for the blog and economic ways to make my posts look really good. Still researching, but I'll put in some links in later posts for those who would like to check out some great tips.

So I've selected a total of 5 songs for this week's playlist in no particular order:

1. Mark My Words - Justin Beiber


2. Remedy - Adele


3. Ayo - Femi Leye


4. All I Want Is You - Banky W Featuring Chidinma


5. Start Again - Falana


P.S: These selections were made from my playlist and I fought so hard to not include Ed Sheeran in the mix. People that know me well understand my huge love for Ed, hehe.

I hope you have fun with the playlist this weekend!

Till next time,

LO xx


The Cocopolitan said...

I'm still waiting for my CDplanner ohh, it looks so helpful.
Why would you even fight including Ed Sheeran!?! You can't fight that! Loove him. Happy New Month Lola

Thanks for visiting the site too:)


ogunnupebi damilola said...

Hmm girl! I listen to his two albums (x and +) like a ritual. Trust me, you'll love the planner and it'll be worth the anticipation.

Happy New month to you too!

Thank you for coming all the way here, Mary. Really appreciate 💕

Berry Dakara said...

Ooooh, I wanna hear the playlist. I've recently been listening to a lot of "old school" Nigerian music. Not old old school. Just old D'banj, P-Square and the like.

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Oooooh you absolutely should! Justin Bieber's album "Purpose" is really good!

Lemme know what you thought of the playlist :)

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