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Hi guys!
How do you like my new blog look? I mentioned in my last post that I was undergoing some research on how to make the blog look better. By the way, did you enjoy the playlist?
I've made a few changes compared to what it looked like before, so Yay or nay? I'll really love to hear from you (Silently praying : please let it be Yay)
Word for the week is something I've started, where I look for positive words to motivate your Monday or your week's success. Do you think it's a good idea?

When I'm working on something and I want to include a certain measure that I think might work, for example, I decided to print thank you cards to go with every delivery of the clothes I make. These cards will have my contact information on them and also a lovely sentence thanking the client for their purchase.
I began to ask myself if that measure was feasible because I had to cut costs at the time and couldn't afford to print cards that might not work. I won't lie to you, guys. I don't even know if the card is working or not. I just know I've gotten my name out there somehow.
Feasibility is important for great steps. You just have to refine your decisions in the best possible way that you can for your sake and for other people's sake. I wish you immense success in your positive endeavors!
I hope you have a jolly feasible week!

P. S: How do you like my new blog name? I think it's better than the previous name. LO is an acronym for my name (Lola Ogunnupebi) and I think the word Sincerely just makes it feel more original. You like?

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Till next time,


Tunde Sanusi said...

From my most favourite browser here (ucbrowser), the blog's design looks awesome!
I don't know what your previous design and name was like but am loving this current theme and name.

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Lol thanks, tunde!

Chinomso said...

Yaaayyyy!! I love your blog design even tho I didn't see the previous design.


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