Review : The Cassie Daves Blog Planner

Hi guys!

Happy hump day! Hope your week has been looking good? I've had my hands on quite a few things lately (exciting news coming soon). One of these exciting things however, include planning my posts with the Cassie Daves Blog Planner ( and planning the review) hehe.
Walahi, truth be told ehn... I don't plan my posts. At all. I've tried sometimes with my laptop and phone, but don't even remember to check. Using the planner though, I've had ideas flowing at me because it has this "creative guide" kind of feeling that just makes you want to do more with your personal space!

I left it in its packaging for days hehe... It was so fine, I couldn't open it for a while *face palm*

It also came with this cute little note, I was like awwww when I saw it, you rock, Cassie! 

Did I mention it was affordable?

The design alone is just so cool.

You can plan your posts for the entire month and even get to add some jara if you want. See what I did with mine :) Peep today's plan *grins*

It also has inspiring quotes on the cover page of every month. Tells you there's awesomeness waiting to be created for the whole month!

The idea page is awesome. Goals can be planned and reviewed on another page at the end of the month too. There's also a great checklist to help with great social media improvement

You could plan shoots ahead. One of my favorite pages!

There's time to plan for a list of potential guests to feature so you can contact them early. It came with this cute little note that has 50! ideas for blog posts. In fact, this blog post came from there and subsequent ones will come from it too. You see the help its bringing already?

I really enjoy using this planner. Can't stress that enough. For details on how to get this planner, kindly go over to Cassie's blog. It's pre-order too so you can place your order on time. The process is seamless.

Berry also did a review of the planner here. Check it out :)

Do you have the Cassie Daves Blog Planner?  What are your thoughts?
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Cassie Daves said...

:k Thank you so much for the review Dami! I'm sorry I haven't replied your mail yet, as soon as I get my phone powered up, I will.

I'm glad you like your planner :k :k

Cassie Daves said...

Oh and loving the theme! What do you use for your graphics please? or canva?

ogunnupebi damilola said...

You're welcome, love!
Oh it's okay. I'll be expecting it :)

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thank youuuuu!
I use Canva. It's REALLY good :D

Tunde Sanusi said...

I've visited her blog and read about the blog planner. Was curious at first but wanted to get it after getting a PC.
Hi dammy, i've updated the liebster award and tagged you in it. Do check it out at (Updated) My Liebster Nomination Nominees

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Hi Tunde, thanks for visiting! You can still get it before getting your PC though. Download Blogger App to write posts. It also allows you to attach images as well.The planner helps to mostly organize.

Awww thanks for the tag. Will check it out and respond.

Berry Dakara said...

I like this review. It looks like you're really using the planner to its full potential!

Berry Dakara Blog

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Hehe thank youuu :)

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