That Scene In Me

Hello, lovely people :)

So I wrote this little poem down after my first experience in a long white commercial lorry in Lagos. Lemme remind you that these lorries are always packed! And it's nothing like BRT at all! So after waiting for so long at the bus-stop for a more "comfortable" commercial bus to no avail, *side grin* I decided to finally opt for this bus after refusing the other ones that had passed. I wasn't lucky. At all. I was standing all through from Ikorodu to Ketu. It wasn't funny. *straight face*

Ok, I've started talking too much again.

See the poem below. Hope you enjoy it...or? ***Wondering if it should be enjoyed***

Noise. Confusion. Hurry
That's what one sees cramped in a lorry
Standing in the middle of filled seats,
I could see around me different heats.
Drivers honking, horns blaring
Just for "Don't get in my bearing"

People by the roadside staring
Hoping and waiting; it's so glaring
How long they have been
Or how much they've seen;
You just can't seem
Because you were just in their midst.

I move a little, you move a little;
I see a space, you want to take
We fight on it; only one gets in it
We both try to get in line, another one pops;
Is the definition of Lagos traffic.

Trapped in a lorry
Cramped with people sorry
for leaving their abodes
To come into this havoc
But escape they can't
For they've got different rants
On why they're a part
Of this hollowed and uncomfortable path

I stand in it;
With my thoughts of the heat
Wallowing in my own beat
Of tiredness and grief
For the mess I created and breathe
But somewhat enjoyed the ride
As it was my first in this tide.
And so I say;
He will make a way.

How was the ride?
Have a fun weekend! :D

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