Yes...I'm sure you're looking at the post title and you're already going "worrisdis?" Yeah me too. But then, in a flash, it means Kidnapping Strategy. You know, I've always wondered why the word "kidnap" was always used for anyone that gets "stolen" against their own will (pardon my explanation. ---> Insert meaning here). I'm just wondering why they didn't use a word like "Adult-napping" or something (or is there a word like that already?). People have grown nah!

Okay, quickly to the gist I created this post for:

Hmm can you believe that with the rate of unemployment and internet usage in this country, someone still decided to "go-out-and-interview-people-by-the-road-side"? At least that's what he said, but hey! That one is sounding suspicious oh!

So a friend of mine took some minutes out to get herself something to eat (a girl musto eat nah) and gets stopped by a man. This conversation ensued between them:

MAN: (Hastily) Hello, are you looking for a job?

MAN: Do you want to leave your job?
SHE: (decides to hear what he was going to say) Yes

MAN: Okay, can I conduct an interview for you on the spot?
SHE: (Surprised) Ermmm....actually, my sister is unemployed, so maybe you can interview her instead. (Sister wasn't present at that moment)

MAN: Okay, can you call her and tell her to come now?
SHE: (Calls) She says she's far away from here. She's at Isolo (Current location for the conversation was Ikeja)

MAN: How far is that from here? I'm not sure it's so far. I'll wait.
SHE: Okay, no problems (Calls her sister to start coming down anyway

Man drives her back to the office and while waiting, she was telling us all about the gist and it sounded awkward. Apparently, the man had been instructed from his office to recruit customer care agents since January and the salary was "N130,000" (Insert insults here. Feel free!)

A few minutes later, sister gets to the location.

SHE: This is my sister
MAN: Okay. To the sister: "Hop in let's go and do the interview"

SHE: I'm sorry, I can't follow you anywhere. I thought you wanted to do the interview on the spot
MAN: (Furiously angry) You should've told me that before now!

Did anyone see the part where he said he wanted to do the interview on the spot? How come it had suddenly changed to "Hop in let's go?" And then with all the "patience he'd had, he suddenly flares up when the lady refuses to be interviewed elsewhere?"  Why are people like this? That is a SERIOUS style of kidnapping.

How come he's driving around looking for people to interview? Can't he simply just use the internet? By the way, he said he worked with the Ministry of Works and Housing, Alausa. Apparently, he couldn't post jobs online because there's a certain "criteria" needed to get into Alausa and the people he had seen in the past didn't "meet up" with the standard.

Please disregard anyone sending you text messages for an interview when you never applied or someone claiming to want to employ you on the spot. Unemployment doesn't mean you're desperate. You could take some skill classes while waiting for that job (which I'm very sure will come in earnest). Who knows what might have happened had she "Hopped in"? E pain me die say ah nor see am that day (I was so angry that I didn't see him that day). If not ehn...chai! I would've shouted "kidnapper!!!" or even taken a picture and uploaded it

May God help us.
How did your week go? I started an online class in Spanish language. Any Highlights you want to share?

Thanks for sticking with me.

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