Thankful Thursday

Because I'm happy :D

Is it too late for a Thankful Thursday? Errrm shebi today hasn't ended?
Alright...I'll get to it already.

I'm thankful for:

My life and my insanely unending love for God
He keeps showing Himself and reminding me how gorgeously gracious He is. From the occasional private conversations we've had, I've seen changes in those areas I begged Him to help me with. He's just been so good. Maybe I'll tell Him I want 70 trillion next time sef....a girl should always aim HIGHER, don't ya think? *grins* *runs*

Being able to post #ThankfulThursday here even when I've abandoned my blog
Hmmm I have no justifiable reason whatsoever as to why I've abandoned this blog. I have commitment issues when it comes to writing, and I'm working on it. Positive results might not come soon enough, but I sure am working on it. I'll simply sum up my negligence in one word: LAZINESS.

My fashion skills
Okay, my brother got married on the second of this month, and I challenged myself into sewing my reception dress myself. I won't lie at all, a geh was scared above proportion *phew* but to my surprise, my dress came out "noice!" And there....I knew for sure I was a natural. :D Let the sewing games begin! May the odds ever be in our favor! *ding!*

See me looking all chic and stuff :D

Strengthening friendships
I have to say; I'm so grateful for the friends I used to have and the friends I've made. They've all been great and everyday, our friendship gains these strengths I just can't explain. Finally, I wee have 40 bridesmaids on my wedding. whoop! Or is 40 too small? *runs*

My Mentor
And I've got the best of them all. Really dynamic and deserving. Good bless my mentor and his family for me. Not sure if he wants disclosure yet, but if he does I probably would reveal him in my next #ThankfulThursday. HOPEFULLY

My upcoming Label
I've never been so excited about something in my life! My fashion label is coming up soon, Logo and collection in the works. i'm taking everything one breath at a time and I'm getting great results too. Please pray for me *puppy eyes*

She's trying to pout hehe :) 

More pictures

Yet again

My Family
Of course, I would be grateful for them! They're my family! And even though my dad gives me feats and my mom just likes to constantly remind me of her own version of what Ile-oko (Husband's house) will look like; and my sister likes to get on my nerves so she can hear me stutter in utter frustration and anger, I'm always grateful for them.

I know I'm still under "disappearing-like-that" punishment, but what are you thankful for? :D


Anonymous said...

Katniss would be so proud of you! Lovely dress.

ogunnupebi damilola said...

LOL! Whoop! May the odds ever be in our favor :)

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