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Hope your day is looking gorgeous so far? Well mine is piecing up bit by bit, I can only look up to God! Hmmm I had such a short, restless and sick day yesterday. You kent buhliv it! I sooooo want menstrual cramps gone! Hate the way they define my day most times!

So, without much dillydallying and merrygorounding (In Frank Donga's voice), I was looking through one of my "Not-so-journals", (I make almost every fine notepad I see my "Journal" and I barely keep them. Don't worry, issnor only this blog that I'm disappearing from. Am I forgiven yet?) I stumbled upon a write-up I had penned down on one of my "moody-cancerian" days. I guess I was thinking about children at the time.

Kindly read through, and add whatever line you think should've been included in the piece. We are all born writers! All we need to do is just pick up the pen and Scribble! :D Enjoy..
I'm thinking about the tired looking infant; 
Who's too young to labor but doesn't have a choice
I'm thinking about the group of children who console themselves with a dirty bath; 
Even if it's with muddy water
I'm thinking what happens when she gets hit by a car while trying to "make a living" 
She's only 7...
I'm thinking who dries her tears when she experiences the force of a hard thrust?
I'm thinking what happens when there's no one to fight for her? 
I'm thinking who does
I'm thinking a lot; I'm thinking too much.
I'm thinking what can I do?
I'm thinking what do I have?
I'm thinking what, how, when, who?
Then I think yet again; How about:
"We think"?
All these thinking got me thirsty;
Should I get a drink from him?

P.S: I volunteer for +Slum2School Join in the #1000Dreams Campaign.

We wouldn't only be making a difference;
We ARE the difference!

Have a fab rest of day!

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