A Cane Affair

Saw Something like this too but didn't have the chance to take a pic *scare alert*
Hello, beautiful people!

How has your week(s) been going? As for moi, ah kent wait for the weekend! I've got crafts to do..yay!
So on our way back from a pretty interesting meeting yesterday, my boss decided to stop at a certain "Cane Village" located under Maryland bridge. He was talking about it with such excitement; my colleague and I couldn't wait to see the place.

I think this was my best of all the edits :D

Talk about talent...Oh My God! There's talent in this Nigeria that'll always be useful in generations to come. My phone was handy, but I couldn't take much pictures at all. Was taking a picture of a lovely chair when one of the weavers mouthed something like "Don't take pictures here" or that was what I thought. And I'm this shy kind of person like that, that was my first time taking pictures for a post like that so I just stopped taking pictures! :D I like my face gaan. Ah can't coman spoil it because of pishur. (Plus I don't have a career in photography, so..) *gigantic excuse!*
The foine chair that almost got me the beating of my life hehe :D

Anyhoo, its amazing (like my boss would say) how these people bend canes to form beautiful works of art...Baby cots, bags, cushion-like chairs, fabric boxes, the list goes on and on! The only complain I have about the environment is the shabby way it looks.
Without further senrenre, see the rest of pictures after the cut. (I had to edit the look of the pishur and of kels watermark it! :D)
Do you see what I'm seeing? I see me some sleep for the weekend!

See this little cute "bag"

We even noticed they had their own association right under the bridge! Was hoping they woulda decorated that place with canes and exploited their own talents for their personal use. If you have the time, you should go visit. You might end up wanting to be used to make cane art! Loool And if you get the chance for more pictures, unlike me wey dey fear, biko tag me in the post!

I love me some pictures :D

So because of Tuke of Tuke's Quest and of kels, YOU my "peopleses" I'm putting another word game on this post.

Name any word/words that has the letters p, d, g and m in it/them.

Have a delicious weekend!

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