20 Things about Me

Hello, good people! How una dey?

Remember when I stole a certain 100 things about me post like that from Tommie? Well this time around I'm stealing 20 Things about me from everyone I've seen do it on Instagram. And even if I wasn't tagged on Instagram, I wanna make it a post here :) Someborri shout Halleluyah hehe :D

Dariz why ayaf decided to just write something on my pishur in the name of design so they can also say I used Photoshop..hehe. iss nor easy ATALL. *phew*

Alright. Without further ado, (In an OAP's voice *insert your favorite name here*) below are 20 Things about me:

1. My names are Kaosarat Oluwadamilola Oluseyefunmi Abiodun Omotanwa Morenikeji omo Ogunnupebi (Loads of names right? I'm sure you don't need d pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ to tell you say ah be correct! Yoruba geh :)

2. I'm the first girl in my family and I've technically got 6 brothers *wide grin*

3. I stutter a lot once I'm angry or excited. I also feel like going to the toilet EVERY TIME I'm anxious and excited

4. My favorite color is Pink. I HATE blue.

5. I looove football and can play practically EVERY sport.

6. My "Le boo" is so wonderful...Athink we're getting married soon :) *ring alert*

7. I HATE series because they never end. I loooove movies....they're so romantic and they end in 2 hours tops

8. I can't do without reading Sisiyemmie's blog everyday. Even if she doesn't post..which barely happens. I even mentioned it in an interview sef...*silent promoter* Thumbs up for me!

9. I'm a sucker for food. A complete foodie. I mostly enjoy Jollof Rice, meat-pie. My best is Yam and Egg

10. Hmm I looove dancing! Ah can dance ehn...In fact, I've even won a lot of medals :D *Kafee style*

11. I'm a tad religious, pretty indifferent about it, more of a personality rather than religious kinda person, but I hold God in high esteem. In fact, He's my one and only.

12. I've got a weird family, and they're my best.

13. Yes. I'm Yoruba, Muslim and from Ogun state. Sagamu to be precise (In alakada's voice) Halleluyah someborri?

14. I'm terrible at telling somebody about myself, so I decided to craft these 20 from my head. I'm even tired at this point.

15. I can sing anywhere...(the shower, the kitchen, even when I'm eating!)...but I don't want it as a career because people say I can sing but I don't think my voice is THAT good, and because I'm not interested in singing as a career.

16. I used to draw when I was little. My drawing skills have suddenly vamoosed (Anybody seen it? Please holla!)

17. My career preference is none other than Management Consulting.

18. I like to analyze every movie I watch in my head and make sense of it. I even dream about it sef..(Criminal Minds was really epic. I even played a role in my dream sef. I'm a sucker for profiling)You can also call that learning from the movie.

19. I'm a sucker for fiction -- Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, Len Deighton, Sidney Sheldon, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Chinua Achebe. For music - Coldplay, Switchfoot, Lana del Ray and recently; Ed Sheeran....and other music that have sensible lyrics sha.

20. I suck at keeping in touch or being consistent with things and people I love, but deep down I really do want to keep in touch. I'm sooorrrryyy in "Advances" E j'ebure (Please forgive me)

21. Everywhere I've used words like HATE, looove, Le Boo, married is the complete opposite of what I've said. And where I used "I'm a sucker for" or words that aren't mentioned as an opposite I actually mean it. (hehe my joke worked abi?)

I know I said 20, but I made it 21...why? Because I can!

So I would like to tag people in this post. I have only 5 (Technically 4) followers, so I'll tag them and others too. I'm even taking a leap of faith with some others...here goes:

1. FootOfTheHill
2. Ay
3. Dayor
4. Atary
5. Sugarspring
6. Sisiyemmie
7. Blogoratti
8. Tuke's Quest
9. Toinlicious
10. LDP

Pleaseeeee pleaseeee tag people too.. you dont have to do 9 like my yeye self. Let's keep the fun on! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it?

"Always believe YOU CAN DO anything. Anything at all." -Dammi 

God keep us all.


Sisi Yemmie said...

First time on your blog! I never saw this post! Thank you!

ogunnupebi damilola said...

OMG! I'm just seeing this. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

dayor said...

Thanks for tagging...will get around to answering the questions soon.

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