My "Writers' Horror Challenge" Entry


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How has your week been? I know, it's looking like I only post on Thursdays abi? I'm sorry! Only a coincidence.. I'm supposed to post #ThankfulThursday today, but I'm postponing it till Monday because of this entry.

So I stumbled upon this blog run by Jessica Iwayemi via Facebook with such a captivating title and decided to check it out. It was about a series of "two-sentence" images that made a horrifying sense and how writers were challenged to create a story around any one or more of these images.

I picked the image above and below is my entry:


The scenery was breath-taking.
Everywhere had decorations of the only two things I called beautiful: Flowers and Food. I walked by having just gotten to the venue in my neatly tapered suit – I also forgot to mention that I adored fashion in its every form.
My little niece, being the angel she was, ran towards me. Her smile makes my world. Even though her father – my brother – got the girl of my dreams, we had to make peace when Zoe came into our world of brawls. She melted my heart. Who knows, maybe I love her that much because she had a piece of Santana in her.
In her usual fashion, beaming with smiles all over in her gorgeous floral white dress picked by yours truly of course; screaming “Uncle!” “Uncle!” while her mother watched with so much curiosity as to the kind of relationship I had with her daughter.
I walked towards the house, holding Zoe and scanning the place for possible past faces. You know those family members that remind you of how you grew in their arms or how they knew your first word? Yes those. I loved parties only when Zoe was a part of it.
She started the usual things that intrigued me about her. Talks of how Harper or Richard had thought she was dumb and were pulling boy stunts on her in class….I wonder what kids as small as this were thinking at this age! I usually just laugh hard with her stories. She knew how to make me smile. “Sweetheart, always know you’re the best there is until you decide otherwise”, I would always tell her and she got so used to it, she would chorus it with me.
I felt a nudge on my right shoulder with an “Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” following it. I turned amidst Zoe’s rants and saw a breath-taking ray of colors in form of a human. It took some time to bring me back to reality as she had been saying sorry and was expecting a response while my mouth opened in awe and my eyes were stuck on her.
What brought me back was “A fly is coming in your mouth soon”. Oh I hate flies!. “Hmm?” was all I could mutter. Then she apologized again and I replied saying “I’m Xavier. Nice to meet you too” She smiles and walks away in a manner I couldn't fathom. At this point, Zoe was looking at me with such excitement saying: “Uncle? How come you went off on Jasmine so much?”
“Oh that’s her name?”
“Yes. She was mom’s junior back in school”
Not getting an answer, she went on to continue her usual gist, making different turns and jacking herself up on my laps with so much passion and energy while she spoke. But you bet I wasn't where Zoe was. I was in Jasmine land in two seconds. I began imagining us going out on a date and having so much fun. I imagined us sharing our most intimate secrets and her smile was on the way to beating Zoe’s.
While I was in this moment I smiled and grinned from ear to ear and suddenly found myself in my car. I guessed I had zoned out and left the party though I wasn't really there in the first place. I kept thinking of how to see Jasmine when I heard a large thumb on my legs. I began to feel myself tumble and everything was thinning out and fading away in a rush. I felt sleepy….draggy…pained…empty.
In my head was beep. beep. beep. and something that sounded like “coma” I was out, but I wasn't. I thought I heard Jasmine. Never knew I was that crazy for her. I went back into thoughts and fantasies about making a move on her soon.
I was having a pleasant dream, when what sounded like hammering woke me. After that, I could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt covering the coffin over my own screams.


What do you think about the short story? What do you think I should've done better or didn't do well? Would really love to hear your view!
I would be posting the other images in my next post in case you're interested. You can either write and post on your blog or send to my e-mail to put it up here. Would LOVE to hear from you! Be sure to tag Jessica and I in the post if you're posting on your blog. Let's flex our writing muscles! :D
Do have a fab rest of day..
God bless us all!

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