Writers' Horror Challenge

How chilling is this?!?
How chilling is this?!?
Hello!!! Thank God It's Friday! Whoop!
I mentioned in my post yesterday about bringing in the other images of the entry in my next post. Well this is it! Re-posted from Jessica. Enjoy!!!

I stumbled on this interesting image online and i was impressed. Two sentences that instilled terror in the reader… just two sentences.
Another one to enjoy
At first i though ‘How bad could it be?’ and by the time i had finished reading, I was terrified but impressed. It takes skill and imagination to put so much into two lines. And because I have so many friends that are amazing writers, I’ve decided to throw out a challenge. If you are a writer (good or great, we all started somewhere), I challenge you thus:
Pick any of the lines below and craft a short story from it. 
Run wild with your ideas; it’ll be fun to read. But remember, it has to be a short and sweet story. I’ll be doing the same with one of the lines and I really look forward to reading your entries. I’ll upload  the best entries on the blog so we can all share in the fun.
Enjoy the scary remains below:

Chilling, right? I can see a lot of short stories here. 
Do you see what I'm seeing?
Have fun! 
And don't forget; Everyone is tagged. You can either write and post on your blog or send to my e-mail dammilolang@gmail.com to put it up here. 
Would LOVE to hear from you! Be sure to tag Jessica and I in the post if you're posting on your blog.
God bless us all!

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