The Jasmine Surprise

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In my head was beep. beep. beep. and something that sounded like “coma”. I was out, but I wasn't. I thought I heard Jasmine. Never knew I was that crazy for her. I went back into thoughts and fantasies about making a move on her soon.

I started my long line of imaginations all over again. It was like I had never had them before. Or maybe I had, I wasn't sure. The memory became quite fuzzy at a time. I wondered why I was the only one here. "That's strange", I said to myself. I knew almost everywhere. But where I was, I knew not.

I paid attention to my environment. That was when I realized I was the only clear view wherever it was I am. I looked all around and saw nothing. No clouds, no sky, nothing. I begged for one fly to disturb me and tell me I was somewhere where the living existed.


I stare hard.


That was when I began to really feel scared. I felt my chest heavy and tried a scream. My voice felt like a mumble. I try harder. Still nothing. Then I knew I was where I wasn't to be. I take my time, sum up all I could and screamed hard with my eyes closed.

Eyes open.

Fuzzy again.

But this fuzzy was different. This fuzzy was filled with colors. Mostly black, brown, fair. They were moving too like the sound meter of a sound system. The greatest bit of happiness engulfed me. My scream had bring forth moving colors. Even colors could pass for living things right now.

Then I heard voices. Mostly distant, but the same.

"Xavier?" came in with all forms of rhythms depending on each voice. I knew I was somewhere better. I knew this was different. I knew this place was settling. I stare harder and the colors began to make sense. The sounds too, clearer. I could make out the faces of the people around me now. They were my family. But one wasn't.

I look so closely at her with a face filled with questions. My mom, noticing, quickly chipped in:

"That's Jasmine"




"Uncle, you were drooling over her at the party, don't you remember?"


The name sounded so familiar. It sounded re-occurring. So close. So usual. I knew I had a Jasmine on my mind, but I couldn't make out this face. She was still looking fuzzy in my eyes when she smiled. Then I knew. That was a familiar face.

The doctor had said my case was really rare and that being able to remember my entire family - even those I had met in just a day was a miracle. My mom encouraged Jasmine to check up on me more often as she saw the kind of chemistry we had.

I had spent 6 months in the hospital.

Jasmine's frequent visits to our house drew us close. We talked about our ambitions. I kept waiting for that period when she would talk about failed relationships with wicked boyfriends who had obviously just cleared the way for my happiness, but we didn't. She seemed a lot nice, so I prepared myself for the moment when I could take her out on a proper first date. I told her about it and she said it'll help me get out of the house better. Plus I loved her company, so I couldn't wait. I already even pictured our kids! All three of them!


We make ourselves comfortable by the corner in this very neat restaurant in Lagos. She ordered shrimps, which was my favorite. She had such beautiful look and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Finally, I decided to mouth the words that was going to officially begin our forever.

"Jasmine, I really like you, and I would really like you to be my girlfriend. I promise to give you all the care you deserve and love you till the end of time."

She smiles.

"Xavier, I like you too and you really seem like a nice guy, but..."

"But what?"

"I'm gay."

I felt my heart burn to bits.


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