30th Post + 6,000 Views!!!

How did I fare design wise? Rate me! :D

                                                                        Hey Guys!

WOW! 6,000 readers and counting? Thank you!!!! to all my readers. Thanks for coming here despite my lazy discrepancies. And YES! I'm celebrating my 30th post as "old" as my blog is *wide guilty grin*. Can you imagine my yeye self?

And I was told that my google+ comments format didn't allow others to comment....I'm so so sorry! Please bear with me. I've rectified that now. Please comment away! :D

Anyways, guess what? To appease ze gods hehe, and because you're such an A-MA-ZING reader, I'm copying Sisiyemmie (for today alone oh..Lol) and giving out recharge cards to the first person that makes a comment on this post, telling me what you think about my blog generally! Whoop! Leave your e-mail in the comment box and I'll send you a mail right after. Comment away! (Nigerians alone, as I'm not sure what to do about foreign recharge cards), but don't worry, my foreign readers! Your voucher will come in soon enough. *e-hugs*

How did your weekends go? Mine was quite eventful, which is pretty much unusual. With all my mouth, I never go out on weekends. I went on a fun date on Saturday and didn't want to go home...hehe :D (please don't tease me for details *shy*) and on Sunday, Tuke and I attended the Savvy and Chic garden party. I had fun!!! The hospitality was heavenly and the food....hmmm divine! Ok, I didn't want to share pictures yet because I'm waiting for the ones Tuke took, but I'll share the ones from other bloggers.


Dabs the fab organizer
Tuke!!! I was her plus 1
Sweet kiwi ice cream
See me looking at NN like ooh! I'm beside NN

Floral view...Gorg!

I sure stole a whole bunch of pictures, right? :D I'm good at stealing pishurs! (Pictures ONLY oh :)

I'll put up a full post about the Garden party in my next post and then you can see the pictures taken by Tuke. Me I don't have a career in photography, but I can like to steal pishurs well. Halleluyah!

The rain seriously did us gish-gish as we just had to go inside and leave the beautiful garden setting :(. Was glad I met different bloggers I look up to e.g Sisiyemmie, and those I "waka pass by" their blogs after reading them e.g Berry Dakara (please don't kll me if you ever see this) and of kelz, my darling Tommie was there.

How'd your weekends go? Any highlights you want to share? let's see in the comment box!

P.S: I'll be going for Eid-el-Kabir (Ileya) in my village next week. Seriously waiting to see if I can get something interesting to write about. Maybe I'll do a village series sef. hehe :D

Have a fabbbb rest of week.
God bless us all.


Toinlicious said...

Yay! Finally, i can comment! I love the garden setting, so elegant.

SO the blog is breezy and cool

Anonymous said...

Love the new design. Alooot better!!! :)

ogunnupebi damilola said...

@Toin, Yay! Finally you can!

Awwww...thanks :D

ogunnupebi damilola said...

@Tommie...Thanks darling :*

Toinlicious said...

I just remembered i was supposed to drop my email. it's toinlicious@gmail.com

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Errm aunty!

I sed first to comment on that day :p

But I wee do proper giveaway in another post and I'm sure your hands will be faster again :D :*

Toinlicious said...

Lmaooo bhet i was the fez to comment na....i just dinor remember to drop my email. Sigh

Let me gaan camp in one corner so i can grab the next give-away *shines teeth*

And yea, i'm back...athink

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