A Spicy Tale : Uche and Chibuzor

The couple


Hmm so no one wanted my airtime recharge, abi? Ok oh! Continue. Lool.....How are you guys doing today? I'm prepping to go to my village like I mentioned in my last post. Without further Serenren, this post is dedicated to my very good friend, Debbie Uche Solomon, CEO/Creative Director - House Of DUS (IG: @houseofdus)

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The spice that started it all.....

She looked angelic, yet completely bold.
He wondered how to express himself to her.
He stares at her from a corner no one knew about. No one had to know.
He had prepared it for when "he" would become "them" and it was sacred.

"Hi", She had finally said with a smile after his courage had been found.
He felt relief mixed with a beginning.
She knew he was feeling,
He wondered if she knew.
He saw their lives through her eyes and knew that he was where he wanted to be.
She stared in his and wondered what he thought of her.

They had started their journey.
Met with trials, they sought to be better and always looked ahead.
Every trump, every fall, resorted in looking ahead.
They had conquered the ifs and knew there was more in the next phase.
Still they always sought to look ahead.

Now they're at the phase.
That which would mark a gracious beginning.
A start of something to cherish for eons.
A start of bricks to build for millenniums.
A start of hurdles to cross for greatness.
A start of something....magical.

"A start of their start." 

And then yet again, before they take that leap, they still look ahead, for in front of them was a true definition of what they've been.

Here's a video to sweeten their tale:
Credit: Anthonia Ejoh

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Akibo tommie said...

Errrmm... Where is the story?? >.>

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Hehe...you just read it nah :p

Shey u dinnor like my "poemish and picturish" mixture ni?


Toinlicious said...

Loool @poemish picturish. They both look cool though

ogunnupebi damilola said...

@Toin hehe...yes nah!

Don't mind Tomi oh. She wee just be beefing my profeshuna profeshun. Hian!

Hope you're fully back to blogging?

Thanks for coming here! Means a lot to me :)

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