A Number Of Different Meanings

I borrowed it here. Please don't sue me :D

Hello, guys!

How have you been doing? I promised myself that I'll definitely post before October ran out and there's just 4 days left from today, so....I'll save you my long talks hehe :D

The reason for this post is to appeal to that part of ourselves that spells the number One. We all definitely want to get to the top, and some just like being the first, rather than  the second. This poem I came up with highlights those situations I can remember where the word "first" came up or personal experiences where it did.

The point sha...is to remember that there are LOTS of places where you can be first. If where you are doesn't work out, there's definitely somewhere else that will connect with your primary intent and interest. Don't give up. The Number One is for everyone! :D

P.S: Kindly leave a comment about instances or places where you want to be number one, or where you've seen it used just like I did in the poem. I've made it reaaaallly short to make a whole lot of space for yours. Because I love you gaan!

The start of anything,
The start of something to be known for.

A lone tree in the middle of nowhere,
Tied to a mystery of some sort.
We all would wonder,
We all would say.

Me. An art unaware of its strokes,
But is sure the hands that draw it will move.
Someday. Now.

You. Uncertain yet certain,
Events would evolve before definition.
A true definition to guide your thoughts,
As they've happened.

I once saw what looked like a man holding his right index finger up,
Saying something I didn't quite know.
It was a picture. People said it meant (Allah Is One)
I saw that man again in many-a-places.

That place I longed to be
When academics began to look awry even with so much effort
That place I almost was. Three steps away.

That place that started my own confidence.

Pinky or Index. We all counted with our hands.
Childhood is priceless. Adulthood is golden.
When you get to remember,
You realize your values began long ago.


Would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

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