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Happy New Month!
May this New Month bring forth to you;
Immense blessings and favor...

Back to the matter.
How are you? Miss me? Don't lie oh! I know you did. I missed you too :)

So I wanted to name this post "Who wants La Casera" but changed my mind. I'm coming to the La Casera issue very soon. In the spirit of Selling and buying, I've got some few items for sale and they're really beautiful as you'll see below.

Corin white quilted ballet flats; Size 6

Vitraux green sandals; Size 6

Coral structured dress; Medium and Large

Camellia black crystal bow flat; Sizes 5 and 6

Multi color print halter dress; Large

Taupe cowl neck dress; Medium, Large, X-Large

Coral cut out dress; All sizes
Black flat sandals with diamante strap; Size 5
White T-bar sandals with diamante; Size 6

Pamela black flats with diamante detail; Size 5
Just in case you're in Lagos and are interested, kindly shoot me a mail at dammilolang@gmail.com OR damilolaogunnupebi@yahoo.com and I'll get right back at you. :D


So...on La Casera.

I was going home from work one day when I heard a fairly young and tiny female voice shouting"Who wants La Casera?" at the top of her voice. I turned around from my BRT seat only to see a little girl around age 10 running in traffic to sell drinks. i can't count how many times she almost got hit by a car during the length of period I was in traffic.

My heart sank.

You know when you want to help so badly but you don't even know how? That was the position I was in. I stare out through the window with my ear plugged; slow music in my head and can't help but wonder why these things happen.

I silently prayed that nothing happened to her. Maybe next time, I'll just call her and give her my number, or buy a drink and probably tell her to keep the change...I'm not so sure what. But one thing I'm sure about is: bit by bit; ALL the young ones and the ones unborn will enjoy the life we all pray for.

Have a great week!


Just for fun: Go here! My nickname is Skittles. Thank me for the fun later *wink*



Ayomidotun said...

Skittles... Hmmmmm delicious. No item for guys on sale? See gender discrimination. It is well.

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Lol ma binu


Nice blog. How come it's just size 5 and 6. ok o. so i tried the nickname thing and dont like mine. Muffin...lol

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thanks, Elizabeth :D

Aww...I'm so sorry. Maybe you could like the Coral cut out dress;Taupe cowl neck dress and the Coral structured dress;which have the medium, large and extra large sizes.

They're pretty dresses and even me sef want to buy one from myself hehe:D

However, if you desire something sewn, simple and fitted for you, you could contact me via e-mail. Will sew that for you. dammilolang@gmail.com

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Contrary to what you think, I like your nickname o! Muffins are fab :)

Thanks again for stopping by.

*runs to your blog*

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