For Us

Thank you so much, for the kind reviews on my poem yesterday. Made me happy! In the spirit of poetry, here's a "romantic" one. Never written a romantic one per se, but kindly share your thoughts on this in the comment section. Enjoy...Gracias!

Time is not for us.
The ticks of seconds and the dings of hours need not
Keep us from being our hearts’ pick
For whether you’re at the other end of the ocean
Or a million swirls across far mountains,
My trail will lead to you in a blink

And then we will remember
One day while I’m tending to the clinking sounds of pots
And you’re there reminding me of moments,
Together how life fought to keep us apart
But got the bad cake instead.
What we have isn’t choice
Couldn’t have been.
Some say we’re written in the stars,
I think we are the stars, 
Because I know you think so too
That’s why we’re so matching.

Ours is that which cannot be titled
For even titles bow to us for guidance
Life’s turns, Life’s gift
Are our trust funds
Prepared for our coming, 
Written for our passing
The stars that shine brighter than light are;

For You. For Me.
For Us.

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