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Happy New Year!!! Oh-Oh! its March already o....err *bats eyelashes* I don't have an excuse for not being here. I know I've gotten worse at this my absenteeism...forgive me. Pretty please??? *baby eyes*

So since the year started, I've just done random things mostly. I wrote draining aptitude tests, went for interviews, dropped my CV at recruiting agencies, went on a shopping thing, ushered, went for a lovely meeting with Sope and Tomilola, started expecting yearning for #DailyExhortations, endlessly tried to run away relocate from here *lol*, wrote content relating to Arts and Culture on an online magazine (; got a job....and the list is endless. I would've loved to title this post "Random", but we know why the current title is better. I won't try to push my luck :(.

Amidst all these events, there were some moments that'll always kept lingering:

The needlessly-anxious wait for a job

 I always remember how I would plan myself on not wasting my time on getting a job: "If I don't get a job in a year, I'll stop applying". Well this time, i hadn't even waited up to four months. I was already tired of searching! Then I remember those that had finished NYSC before me and are still at home just like me and then begin to ask myself what they've been doing and how they've been surviving; having nowhere to go everyday. Then i get comments like "You just finished nah! Abeg just chill" or "You'll get a job soon" or "You finished with this grade and are true with service. Farabale (Calm Down) you'll get something"

I've experienced the wait and I wished IT would happen the next day. I recall feeling like I was gonna forget everything I used to know because I wasn't doing anything at home. I wanted to go for this class or that class, but what if I started classes now and a job came right after? What happens to the money I didn't have that'll be going to waste?

To everyone who's still waiting; may He make it easy and positive for you.

Hot and Cold Aptitude tests
Hmm....I had some tests that sent me to the Loo, some that felt like WAEC so much, you could sense they were just doing it for the fun. They already know who and who they want to employ #NaijaStyle :D, some were time tricky PBTs (Na wa), and some were just normal. I remember almost exploding 'cos i was just really tired of endless tests and their formats. Nairaland was always there to save the day sha *before I wrote d test ni o*

Daddy Style
He always found a way to remind me that I didn't have a job...*phew* Does funny things like going in the kitchen and serving his own food, then calling me from inside the room to go and "close" the pot. Or wakes me early in the morning and says "go and collect this amount from the ATM for me" --He says it's his way of allowing me the opportunity to go out--- like i was complaining *okay, i kinda was*

But at least he gives me transport fare to work now sha... yaay daddy! :D

So I was bored. Didn't have anything else to do at home except sew my mom's Iro and Buba, or make myself a simple top. Decided then to write my feelings towards my present state at the time and maybe it could pose as an exclusive view of unemployment from a a person's personal perspective (apart from the general Nigeria-and-unemployment view), more like how it makes you feel in relation to your entire environment. And so I started this trend on twitter, but couldn't keep up because I was just too bored to. See who's talking! Someone who isn't even consistent with her blog wants to be consistent with an ash tag on twitter! hian. But then, if anyone is interested, you're very welcome to make your feelings known about unemployment even if you have a job at the moment. There definitely was a way you felt before you got a job. You can also follow me on twitter (@DammiOgunnupebi) and get an instant follow back! *winks*      


Sultan Sultoon
So my nephew deemed it spectacular to visit me --- whoop! No offense, Mary *winks* He's such a cutie and this January was the first time I saw him after birth. I'm just lucky to see my nephew after 6 months of birth *Yes he's a baby. What were you thinking?* See pictures of him after the cut. Proud Aunty! And Sope; don't come here and start telling me "E don do" oh. Lmao.

                                                              Sultan and Momma :)

                                   ***couldn't upload as much as I wanted to...server issues***

                                       ***will probably just dedicate the next post to him :)***

P.S: If anyone has content they think is appropriate for this blog, you can always send them to, or with the Subject "Content Suggestions for Scribbles and Realities" and I'll get right back to you!

P.P.S: Little game: suggest words that starts with M and ends with Y.

*runs back* Hope you like the new blog name? and the blog look?

Hope I didn't bore y'all?

Keep walking with me. You're always appreciated.

Signing Out...

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