TILL WHENEVER (Concluding Part)

Thank you all for visiting and leaving your comments. Without them and you, this blog will be invisible. This is the other part of the story. I hope it's worth the wait....Much Love!
....Almost all of them (even all of them sef) kept pining and going on about the fact that I was a rare beauty.
And how they'll be honored to hold my hands in public.
To shake me,
Or even talk to me.
Trust me, I tried convincing them I was just like them;
They just wouldn't believe me.
One of them -- *Dexter -- even wrote me two whole poems!
Could you imagine?
That was sweet;
I loved poems; and he had found out somehow,
But it was just filled with the same old stories from *Dylan, *Ryan,*Brian and the rest.
It was overwhelming.

I decided to just wait.
I took sometime to think on how to go on this journey.
I had to;
It was the only part of my life where I shared and expressed feelings with someone else.
And that department needed organizing.
It needed some amount of focus.
I had resolved to look for "different" instead of "perfect".
Perfect was boring.
I had finally found my own way, and had decided my "preference".
I just waited;
I blocked my ears from the overwhelming stories and their tellers.
I was calm.
Told myself not to try rushing.
That it was going to be alright.
That I would do just fine.
Afterall, if I didn't console myself,
Who would?
Then, just like finding water in a desert,
I found him.
He was himself.
Calm and hilarious at the same time.
He had numerous other reasons for wanting to be with me.
He was a thinker.
A natural.
His creator was his highest concern; just like me.
He wasn't a bore like I was.
I always looked forward to talking with him.
We had meaningful and productive conversations.
We flowed.
He wasn't all I wanted;
Which made him all I needed.
Still, I had found him.
I was more than happy.
But I always had it at the back of my mind that two things could happen to a relationship;
It either ended after some time,
Or it lasted forever.
For now I didn't care which of them was going to happen to mine.
Till whenever;
I was going to enjoy it and be just glad.

With this special discovery, I had conquered all my worries.
I had found my different.
My perfect.
I had found *Joey.
I had found my me.
Enjoyed it? Would love to hear your comments.

Thanks always for stopping by.
Mostly appreciate them.
And as always,
DO come back!!!

P.S -- Asterisked names are fictitious. they are not related to anyone in particular.


sugarspring said...

nice one hun
welcome back...
its been ages..loool

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thank you dear! :D. Lmao @ ages...abi oh! I pray I'll be consistent.

Glad u love it.*e-hugs*

ay said...

Awww.. I really do love this.

"He wasn't all I wanted;
Which made him all I needed."...:)

A lovely write up. Keep it up

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thanks hon...:)

Glad you love it :D

Morounfoluwa Lukina Akibo said...

Awwww!!!! Mushy mushy!!!!! Niceeeeee.. Love the lovey lovey last part :D

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Awww...thanks tomi! Lmao@ "lovey love last part". :)

afolabi awoniyi said...

Wonderful write up honey, keep it up. You are simply the best. Cheers!

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