Hey Guys :) Happy holidays!!!
This year has been Incredible. Lots of great and not-so-great results, but all thanks to God, at least I'm alive enough to try again. I hope you've had an equally interesting year so far? May the new year offer you better than this year has! Since the year is coming to an end, it'd be great to look forward to good vibes in the coming year, don't you think? I think it'd be fantastic, so....introducing: Hingees!!!!

Hingees was launched out of the desire to create connections and promote optimism while staying true to the love for creative design and simplicity. The idea is, when you have an Hingees shirt on, you're automatically a very important part of a fantastic community. These shirts have a range of lovely colors with beautiful phrases on them and are pretty affordable too. 

I especially love this color and its phrase :)

Also unisex friendly

Can be paired with any jacket of choice

These phrases are positively thought provoking to both the person wearing the shirt and the person seeing it. You can purchase yours here.

Also in the spirit of giving, there's an end of year sale going on where you get 15% off purchase of an Hingees shirt. Hurry now to get this deal! Offer ends by 31st December.

Follow Hingees for updates on more amazing shirts and future products:
Twitter: @Hingees
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Shop Hingees...Connect with the good vibes!
Shop Hingees....Connect with the good vibes!st December 2015.

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