This is probably one of the oldest questions ever asked, high up with greats like, ‘When is the next rain?’ and ‘What do we have for dinner?’

At Haemo, we discovered that throughout history, real attempts have been made at placing monetary value on human life, knowingly or unknowingly. We came across one of the earliest recorded values placed on life — 20 pieces of silver. Judah struck the bargain for his brother Joseph to be sold.
Fast forward centuries, past the pounds of salt and mirrors that exchanged hands and past the entire families traded for gunpowder (it really did look like a good bargain at the time).

Now? A Nigerian can get as high as 5 Million Naira if he is willing to part with one of his kidneys. In fact, in Pakistan, you can part with both your kidneys. That’s not a bad idea (for many people). Chances are, you’ll get free dialysis.

It sucks, but hey, people do it.

The point is, many people seem to have an opinion on what the value of human life is.We have our opinion too. And clearly, you are right. 

We think your life is priceless. 
No, we know your life is priceless.

Every day, several lives are lost in Nigeria because of a few pints of blood which could have saved them but was beyond reach. Sometimes, it is the child who suffers from illnesses and simply needs those pints to make the difference. Or a mother who has lost so much blood during labour. Or a young person who is fighting to stay alive after an accident. Sometimes, it could be complete strangers. Other times, family and loved ones.

Day by day, these numbers add up to hundreds of thousands, and even millions of avoidable deaths.
This is why we have set out to build a place where the priceless gift of life could really be shared.
We are raising a community where people who need lifesaving blood will always be within reach of people who are willing to donate, and share this beautiful gift of life. We want you to be a part of it and to tell everyone about it because more has never been merrier.

What is life worth to you?

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Thank you.

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