Happy New Year!

Oh yes, you read that right. I'm saying happy new year to you fabulous people! I'm truly lucky to have readers like you visit this tiny corner of mine every time I put up a post. Most times I'm not sure if my posts make sense or not, but you still read them all the same. 

So, because in my books, a new year can be celebrated any time of the year depending on who you're wishing, I want to wish you that squeezes time out to be here to read all forms of rants that I put here a very happy new year everyday.  And this year - God willing - I want to give out giveaways and I'll really work towards achieving that.  Watch this space!

Also, I might be writing more poems and short stories, sometimes flash fiction, personal and impersonal adverts, maybe reviews on books, movies and I also won't be leaving my rants so you're stuck with me! Hehe :D

This year, I hope to be way better than 2014 for me and for you all.

Happy New Year! !!!! Always.


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