Happy Birthday, Momma!

Happy Birthday!!!
Hello People!!! How are you doing today? I wish the day brings better favors than yesterday did! (Amen)

So that's my mom right there. I'm sure you're already going...."This geh isn't even fair at all. See her yellow pawpaw momma!" Hehe....one can't be 'yellow-er' than the "yellow hub", can they?

I remember her first buying me 3 books when I was really little. I collected the books, quite confused, but really happy inside as I loved to read anything I could find and owning my own book was just awesome! She told me years after that she'd been observing me a lot and found out that I loved to read anything readable, so that prompted her to buy me those books.

Then again, she sees my fascination with needles and threads and then stylishly keeps her N2.50k worth of machine for when I would graduate into using it. She fuels my interest in sewing till today. She's the same person that'd always find a paper or book I had written on and had left lying around somewhere and also advise me to attempt writing scripts for soap operas even when I made sure she forgot about it.

I would write a really long poem for her, but I'm not sure I'm at the place where whichever poem I write will describe my mother's worth. So I'll just wish her a fulfilling birthday for the first time on my blog ---- where I write based on her influence.

Happy Birthday, Momma!!!


Akibo Tomilola said...

Happy Birthday mama!!!!!!!! God bless her for us oh!!!

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thanks a lot, Tomilola!!! :*

Sophie A. said...

Awww she is beautiful. Happy belated birthday to mom. :)


Kenyan Blogger said...

You've a beautiful mum Lola :)
Happy belated bday to her :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
ps..youve an awesome site and content as well :)

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Awww...thank you Rose! I only wish I could be more consistent. Do visit again!

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thank you, Soph!

Your blog is amazing by the way!

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