Someone once asked me
Why it was so hard to have a pure heart
And I told him it wasn’t
He says “How”?
I say “Here’s how”

I have a heart, whiter than a dove’s
No blemish, no smoke
All happy, all hope
All smiles, all bright
All beautiful, all green
No judges, no foe.

I have a hear
That loves in a blink
And expects no strings
Gracious than grace
As clean as plain
And blue with life
Like the sky so beautifully made.

I have a heart
In her.
Who loved me in a grin
And hugged me in a whim
Knowing just my identity
Not my face.
Not my character.
Just my name.

I have a heart,
Pure in Aanu,
Not hard to behold

And ever easy to show.

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