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I'll skip the part where I acknowledge my neglection of this blog - its becoming an habit and truthfully, I cant help it! i can only try to come on here when i can :). Thank you all for sticking with me

Before I even finished my BSc., I had plans for after school - like 2 years ahead. It was so good; I had plans A, B, C and even D! The differences these plans had was that one was more important than the other. There was the almighty priority - A - and then others followed. To decrypt the code, A was basically for masters and right from the moment it was made my topmost priority, I started  doing lots of research and subscribing to various scholarship sites too.

Now I'm serving, and I'm still on the same process. I've got less than two months to passing out, and I don't seem to be making any progress regarding these plans no matter how hard I tried. I turned 22 two months ago, and it feels like I'm getting really old and worse is; everything is just moving so fast! I suddenly feel like I've concentrated too much on the major priority and its "majorness" that its seeming failure is beginning to really weigh me down so much, I can't even explain.

It's so bad  that I can't pinpoint what exactly I want to define myself to be. It feels like a market in my head right now, I feel like exploding. What to do, I have not the faintest idea! and I feel like if I don't get a quick solution to my problem right now, by the time I'm through with service, all that'll be left of me is just whoosh! and off goes my whole body in flames!

I don't know why exactly I'm writing this, but a part of me that's still sane and organized a bit is asking for your opinions....I really need all the help I can get, please!

OK, I'll stop writing now. Before i start sounding like a mental case.

Thanks always for stopping by.
Mostly appreciate them.
And as always,
DO come back!!!


Ugochi said...

What you love to do my sister, what you enjoy doing, that you would never get tired doing... That is it!

ogunnupebi damilola said...

hmmm...i'm taking a class in fashion designing at the moment and i do it tirelessly; but my dream is in the line of management consulting. that was what i was hoping to get the masters for....thanks a lot for yur input. appreciate much! xxx

Rossy said...

Itz about findin out wat u av passion in,so I wil advice u jst giv it a thot n also try to discover ur talent wt dat u can start up while waiting Fø̲я̅ d msc stuff and dat wil also enable u knw d course u wil go in Fø̲я̅ dt wil hlp u develop ur talent.

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