Favorite 20 TV Shows This Year

Hello guys! :)
Hope your holidays have been fun? There's still three days left in the year for a memorable 2015 and reflections on what the year has been so you can charge into 2016 with a free and liberating leap.

As you know, I'm a great lover of series/TV Shows. I wrote about it here and even did a review on a show here. Today, I'll be sharing a list of my best TV shows for 2015. This list is specifically based on my the ones I saw this year (Some of them might have started showing years back) and my preferences, so if your favorite show isn't included, please let me apologize in advance...hehe.

I love series because they don't seem to ever end till like two to nine or even 11 years after and you get to see continuous portrayal of the characters' lives. I also do this thing where I analyse each show I watch by myself and try to justify what happened to a character in relation to the whole point of the series itself. Please I'm looking for a partner :) sometimes it gets a bit awkward doing these analyses on your own phew*

Do you also analyse series like I do? Let's form a team and analyse together!

So below is the list (In no particular order):

 1. Empire
2. Fresh Off The Boat
3. Mr. Robot
4. Homeland
5. Quantico
6. Madam Secretary
7. The Good Wife
8. Power
9. How I met your Mother
10. Lipstick Jungle
11. The Big Bang Theory
12. Dirty Sexy Money
13. Game Of Thrones
14. Book Of Negroes
15. The 100
16. Gotham
17. Devious Maids
18. Blindspot
19. Scandal
20. Switched At Birth

Which one of these shows have you seen? What did you think? Any show you've seen and loved that isn't here? Please recommend!

Have a truly fab week ahead and a very Happy New year in advance!

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