Hey guys:) Happy Humpday!
Well, you know how much I love poetry. I've written a few here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

This one was written by Helen Cheng. Got her poetry from Poetry Soup. I hope you LOVE it as much as I did.

Moisture wells from in to out 
The sky drapes its dress 
Quiescently, you tilt your head and pout 
Your shoulder kisses a tiny tress 

Vapor is breathed on the glass 
A tantalizing blaze flaring from behind 
Fumbling your hair into a clump of morass 
Skintight, our souls entwined 

As we sublime seconds quicker than a blink your heart throbs, 
I flutter and let out a soft whine in sync 
I remember you like the taste of butter 

An icy hot bath melts 
our raw hearts transpire 
roses are planted all over your svelte 
body as my undying desire 

Gases gushes out from my pore
as we boil ourselves a temperature too high 
my teeth still sizzle and I am ready to roar
hereby you lean in and charge my oversupply 

Maybe I need a cup of water 
to dilute the enkindled fire, 
or else a lamb to the slaughter 
could be me stuck with a liar

Happy New Year in advance, guys!!!

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