Goals | Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year, guys!!!
It's not too late, is it? Yes? No? No. :D 

So my year is looking good so far, I've never felt more excited. The projects I've set aside for the year are looking good. I've had quite a number of goals in the past years, but haven't ever gotten around to fulfilling them. At times, I even question my goals when they don't work. Mostly I just try as much as possible to stand right back up and re-plan. 

I haven't really "achieved" my goals yet, but starting them at all gives me so much joy and hope that there's this beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. This year, I hope that you see your goals through with so much strength and determination. Don't mind the fact that they never worked out once. Like one of my favorite poets (Titilope Sonuga) wrote in one of her poems, 

"Rock-bottom is a perfect place for rebuilding"

One of the goals I had late last year was to put up more posts and I think that's working out well so far...I've also decided I want to start using my own images (Since I watched Sisiyemmie and Tosin Alabi's Video), but I'm still saving for a camera, so....I have to use my low quality pictures for now, please bear with me and pray for me :D

Okay, serious talk aside, I'm going to be at The Modest Fashion Funfair and Expo on the 16th of January 2016, modelling for my friend, Haneefah Adam (Hanie). She's a creatively inclined person and also makes beautiful modest clothes. Please come see her designs and beautiful accessories from other brands too. If you also want to purchase tickets, see the flyer above.

I hope to meet you there! :)

What are your goals for the year?

Till next time,
Love, Lo.


Toinlicious said...

All these events i would love to attend but i can't because, Ibadan :(

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Lol awwwww...maybe you could plan and come down herw for aome days. I'm sure there'll be an interesting event to go for. There's always one or two events going on here.

How are you? How's the new year looking?

yeva said...

Nice to see Haneefa doing this..
I have been following her blog for years..
Happy new year to you too...

Joseph Okoh said...


Joseph Okoh said...


ogunnupebi damilola said...

Yes oh, I've also been waiting.
Thanks for reading! Will you be there too?
Happy New Year!

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