Wishlist | 2016

Hi guys!
How has your week been? Mine has been quite funny (Not funny at all, but trying to be positive) 

Sometime last year, I read a post from Berry which solved most of the issues I had with consistent blogging and it has really helped. This post is one of the results I got from that post. You can read it here. So I'm making a list of wishes that I would LOVE to come true this  year. Who knows, there just might be an angel or two reading this and maybe I'll get my wishes or at least start bring them to life.

So...here goes:

1. I wish to attend more informative events: I'm really terrible at getting information, so if there's ANY event (within lagos or not too far from Lagos) that you get a whiff of, please mention me on them. Facebook (Ogunnupebi Seyefunmie Damilola), Twitter (@LolaOgunnupebi), Instagram (@dm_lola). Thank you :)

2. I wish to learn how to play ONE instrument: Yeah the only one I ever want to learn is the piano. I've always thought it looked really cute. If you know anyone that's very good with pianos and teaching them, please hit me up on social media or leave a comment below. Thank you!

3. I wish to say "thank you" more: Even though I think I say it too much, I don't think I say it enough. I have amazing people in my life and you have no idea how it feels when "thank you" seems to be the greatest thing you could ever give back to them. Thank you!

4. I wish to drop more comments on other blogs and meet other bloggers: I only read and waka pass, so this time I'll be dropping comments too. I think it helps the author to know how far their posts have gone in peoples' hearts (Well that's basically what they're for sha, but). Also, I'm willing to go to any blogger meet and greet and also contribute, if you'll have me.

5. I wish to do give-aways and give away collaborations: While I'm not sure my blog reach is there yet, I still think the reach I currently have is amazing and can always grow with time. I'd love to give lovely things away to those currently following. Also, please holla at me if you'd love to collaborate. P.S: if you aren't following my blog, please do! And don't forget to subscribe! Thank you:)

6. I wish to get a camera for my birthday: ....Which is 6 months away (June 22). Like I mentioned in my New Years' Post, I want to start taking my own pictures because, I don't have the strength for someone to coman sue me..hehe. I'm going to be 25 and I wish for it to be in style :D

7. I wish to go professional with my poetry: I want to submit my poems to great poetry online magazines (Maybe perform too *scratches head*) and also enter for poetry competitions (For the first time, I willingly want to do competitions)

8. I wish to pray more: Because it is just the key. :D

Do you have any wishlists for the year?



Nice Wishlist dear. Hope u get them by God's grace.
Happy new year

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thanks hon. I hope so too
Happy New Year!

Sandra N.U. said...

That's a good wishlist. I have some myself- collaborations especially. Keep sounding it out and don't be afraid to ask any blogger if you get an idea :)

ogunnupebi damilola said...

Thank you, Sandra.

Yes oh! I have to keep sounding it out. If you also want to do any collaborations I'd be happy to participate in any way.

Really appreciate your stopping by.
Please come back!

Chinomso said...

Numbers 4,6 and 8 are part of my wishes. I just got here and I'm loving it ALREADY. Please lemme know if you have collaboration ideas o..


ogunnupebi damilola said...

Lol thank you and nice to meet you, Chinomso!

I'll definitely holla if I have collaboration ideas. Thank you for coming all the way here!

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