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Hi guys!

Ramadan Kareem!

Yup yup, I'm pretty late on the "Ramadan Kareem", but I started this post on the first day of Ramadan and I haven't been able to finish it. Well, looks like it's kicking off quite well. As you have noticed, I've been suffering from the "not-quite-feeling-up-to-blogging" syndrome and have definitely been reading any article I stumble upon to get rid of it, so pleeeeaasse stick with me. For those that come here still even when I decided to take a leave without notice, thank you!!! I see you!

However even in my disappearance(s), I still make sure to keep up with other bloggers immediately I receive their updates (By the way have you subscribed to my blog yet? If not, please do!) and I absolutely LOVE how insightful and fun their posts are. Makes me sometimes look at my posts and be like "Duuuudeeee, why aren't you putting up more insightful posts?"

Please leave a great topic idea or topic ideas in the comment box below of anything you'd love to see. I know you're reading....hehe. Pretty please?

Also this is my birth month! #JuneBaby and my birthday is in ten days! Whoooop! I sort of mentioned a certain gift I want for my birthday in this post and I'm still very much open to that miracle hehe (You never know how whoosh-y these things might decide to turn out). Should I do a post on the list of things I wish for my birthday? My fairy godmother/father could be out there oh! Eyyy e fit be you oh! Hehe

Without digressing too much from the topic and in the spirit of putting up insightful posts, these are the topics from different bloggers that I've been finding insightful and fun so far (The ones I've read ni oh):

You guys know how much I LOVE Sisiyemmie, right? I especially love her posts and their variations. It's always an interesting read, whether all text or the posts with embedded videos in them. Check out these posts on:

I watch some of Berry's "pre-posts" on snapchat and then it's amazing to have to read them in texts. I recently just started frequenting her blog and her posts x vlogs are really amazing. Some of the ones I found really delightful are:

There's this feel to Tuke's posts: She'd write them so well that it'll feel like you're there. Then after that, you'd feel like having the same experience for yourself - or more. I especially love these posts on:

Dami is pretty chic with her fashion and lifestyle posts. Though she specializes in fashion, her non-fashion posts are also always interesting to read. I first noticed her on Instagram and have been stuck to her blog name since then. See below these posts on:

Wow, Chaitra is one blogger that I'd say I get most of my inspiration from. They probably don't manifest here, but they're absolutely there. When motivation wears off, I go back to her site. The posts are sitting there, right? So why not just go back and re-read it?! It's like she's in your mind and knows what you need. One time, I almost read her whole blog because there were such informative and inspiring materials on there! Another interesting part is, she sends you a monthly photo pack for free! Super gorgeous photo packs! This poster is from one of her packs. See how beautiful it is?

Just check out these beauties:

Sometimes, I like to find bloggers I haven't heard of through comments and that was how I got to know about The Cocopolitan. The name was really intriguing, so I went over to her website and it was so clean and the posts were just yelling "click me!" hehe. See some of my faves:

4. Pink Suit, Pink Suit (I hate oink, but...this is good!)
5. Fashion hacks (Ooh I love hacks! This one is a personal favorite)

She does more of personal fashion and lifestyle and is also fantastic at it. There are loads of tips to learn from, including blogging.I made a review of her Blog planner in April. You should buy it if you haven't, they're amazing!

NB: For more consistency, I've decided to only be putting posts up on Mondays and Thursdays. I really would love to keep this space going and I always appreciate your support!

Please don't forget to subscribe :)

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Tunde Sanusi said...

Happy Ramadan kareem + Happy birthday even though this coming late *covers face*
am July 16th though | consistency matters in blogging and i too find it hard todo so | i hope you stick to your bi-weekly plans

Ehireme Alexis Uddin said...

We have a couple of fave in common. Checked out your blog and it's 👍👍

Olaa Bobade said...

I follow a lot of blogs too. It's fun reading the thoughts of others and getting inspired by them.
Laitanbee Blog

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