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I promise this was not why I missed Friday's schedule (It's however, a replacement for missing Friday's post).

How was your weekend? Mine was really eventful and quite sad as well. My best friend traveled back abroad and I got to perform three poems to my book club. By the way have you heard about them? They're also awesome and on Twitter (@MainlandBookCaf), Instagram (@mainlandbookcafe). Come join us and let's talk about books!

So, let's discuss what I'm currently watching. I love it so far, but being a great lover of magic and the sparkles that comes with it, I don't think it's "magic" enough in my opinion. The only thing remotely magical about it is that the main character could see what was going to happen before it happened and she found a way to help people with it (That's another issue I have).

My own version of a brief background:

A very lovely lady and Middleton town's favorite basically gifts people with the effects of her magic, helps them find their way. She always has a smile on and is ever ready to help in any situation. You wouldn't come to Middleton with a sad face on, meet her and not go back feeling happy. She's like a food to Middleton's soul.


Catherine Bell plays Cassie, a gifted lady whom everyone in the small town of Middleton loves because of her good nature. She helps even the worst of people and doesn't seem to be crossed at anything. Anything at all. That's a problem for me because, even though I loved Cassie in the first season for her good nature, I got tired of it. She's super perfect and doesn't seem like she's going to be less perfect any time soon. I wish they could just throw in an episode where she gets angry over something because that's more realistic and well, human!

Bailee Madison is Grace, Cassie's daughter with the same gift, but more with the "human" attribute of being angry when she wants to be. The only issue I have with her character is the fact that she's presented as this little adult because of her magic - which isn't really physical. I think it would've been better if she was represented as a kid that she is, where we see how she's taught to control her not-wild-at-all gift. None of the two characters in this series with magic have ever had this strong enchantment that comes with magic and it's not sitting well with me.

I'm on season two and frankly still watching it because I believe there will be a wand and a hand waving with the abracadabra I always like to see manifest somewhere in the subsequent episodes and because James Denton is Sam Radford, a doctor I think deserves to be with Cassie. (There's this other guy, Ryan but I don't like him, so..)

Any way, that's what I'm watching so far. Since I've done a mini review, I might just finish it up in another post once I'm done watching. All in all though, it's an interesting movie to watch, I commend the entire crew on a fantastic production.

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Rate: 6/10

Series Recommendation: 1. Sense8  2. Shameless

Would you like to see Good Witch? Have you seen Good Witch? What did you think? Let's talk in the comments!

Till Friday, xx

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Ayomidotun said...

*sigh... you didn't post on Friday.

I haven't seen any of this week's feature. I just started Sense8

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