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For those that follow me on Instagram, I had posted a certain picture a few weeks ago that was taken by my best friend. By the way, if you aren't following me on Instagram yet, you should! @lolaogunnupebi. I also mentioned that post that I visited the Lekki Conservation Centre with my friends and had so much fun! Today, I introduce to you,  Ebonite Photography by Mosope Oduwole.

He's an engineer who loves photos  and had been briefly taking photos since 2009. Just last year, he switched professional and I can attest that it's been really beautiful so far.

He's super artistic and loves to bring reactions to life, capture emotions and freeze moments; which is all every photographer wants to do, really.

He generally does portrait photography, but hopes to diversify into wildlife and wedding photography, so if you're in the Ontario area and need a photographer to cover your weddings, or even need a portrait shoot, he's your guy. If you're anywhere else around the world, he's also available to travel; just make the call and like magic, he'll be there to make your special day magical.

We also visited the Lekki Conservation Centre in January and he was one of our photographers for the day. There's so much to pick from but, see some of the pictures he took below:

We were waiting on our other friends, so we did a mini shoot. I'm so in love with the pictures he took of us.

This is Feyisayo, She's a very old friend (my bunk mate in secondary school), a Pharmacist, an aspiring make-up artist and Mosope's bae. I'm probably going to feature her business on the blog next, what do you think?

I performed a few poems for the friends here :)

Honestly didn't know what this was about. I guess the excitement got to me too much.

Here's a picture of all of us, trying the jump-style. The photographer really captured this well. We also had a baby over - his name is Dante, he's my friend, Boladale's son and he's super cute :)

 An auto-picture of us; L-R: Toyosi, Dipo, Mosope, Another friend, Another friend, Oreofe, Me, Abiola, Angela and Feyisayo. Other friends not in the picture: Lala and Oyin.

Here's a beat picture of Angela, Feyisayo and I. Even my scarf felt the enjoyment. We went on the canopy - which was scary for a few people. We also played the "floor ludo" (If that's what it's called) and it was so much fun because everyone was practically cheating and screaming.

I think I'll be visiting LCC again. To connect with Mosope (Please please please go follow him and his photography journey, there are hidden and amazing memories he surely can bring back to life for you), Please follow him on Instagram and Twitter: @mosope_iv and @mosopeIV respectively. 

P.S: How do you like my new blog look? Loving some of Bloggers' new themes! 

Have you been to the Lekki Conservation Centre? What did you think?
Never been there? Do you think you would like to visit?

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Till Friday, xx


Toinlicious said...

I have never been but i would love to visit

Ogunnupebi Damilola said...

OMG Toin you have to! It's really beautiful and fun.
Thanks for reading :*

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