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Remember Baby Baby from last week? This is the second part. 

If you missed the first one, you can read it here.

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But mother I won’t be alone
Other children will go with me
And march the streets of Birmingham
To make our country free!

But mother I won’t be alone
Other children will go with me
No, Baby.
No, you may not go
For I fear those guns will fire
But you may go to Church instead,
And sing in the children’s choir

She wasn't letting me leave. 

Even with my persistence. I had almost resolved to sit in when my tricks didn't seem to be working on Mama. Brilliant woman that she was, she suddenly suggests I went to church – where she thought I’d be safe. That was at least where there wasn't any form of segregation.

I could feel the sadness from right inside her pupils.

Poor Mama. Her heart was heavy and the fear sneered through enough for my little eyes to see. She was actually letting me go – into God’s arms – to sing rather than march with my peers on the streets of Birmingham. Stubborn as I was - and hell bent to make it outside, I resolve to "Sing to the Lord"

If only she knew the effect of her idea. She had a tad bit of hope, but looked like it was gone in seconds and back in a flash. Of course I was going to Church, lift up my eyes to the hills and sing my heart out. I was going to sing in no way I had ever sang. I was going to round every muscle and bone in my body up and shout out to Him...To sing...

...With the other children.

P.S: Thanks for reading Baby Baby #1. Sincerely Appreciated! Hope you enjoyed this one? Tell me how  below!

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