Opinion | Are We Really The Masters Of Our Fate?

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Hi guys!

Hope you had a fab weekend? My Saturday was amazing! My best friend is in town, so we visited Lekki Conservation Center with friends. I'll share the beautiful pictures we took in another post once I have them. Haven't had that much fun in weeks!


On my way to work one morning, minding my business and thinking of things to do like I always do in a public transport, my attention weirdly shifts to a passenger talking about an accident he had witnessed on the expressway a while ago. Apparently, the lady had her earpiece on and was at the same time, typing on the phone. 


Unknown to her, a large trailer truck experiencing a brake fail was coming in full speed and honking really loudly so everyone – including cars could steer clear of the road. This lady was on the phone and also had loud music blasting her ear off, so she didn’t hear the honk. That was how she died. 

While I didn’t contribute to the discussion, I heard two different opinions become a reason for her death:

Driver: The lady died because “it was her time”. According to him, when someone is supposed to die at a certain time, everything will go wrong just so that they could die. 

Passenger: The lady’s death was self-caused. If her ears weren't plugged and she was typing on the phone on an expressway, she wouldn’t have died.

What I think: A little bit of both, but I'm leaning more towards the passenger's opinion. I'm someone who loves to plug my ears with my earpiece everywhere, especially if I'm walking alone. I even love the music blasting my head off. However, I have a few rules:

1. If I'm listening to music with both sides of my earphones plugged in or I'm chatting/texting someone, once I know I'm about to get to a really busy place, I'll unplug my ears and put my phone in my bag. Come hell or high water, I won't have anything to do with that phone till I know it's safe to do so.

2. If it's an emergency and I really need to use my phone, I won't even bother crossing or walking. I'll just look for a safe place, stay there and handle my business.

3. Whoever I'm talking to or whatever I'm listening to will still be there when I get home/to a safe place where I can use my phone, so no. Highest thing I'll do is to text "brb. On foot." right before alighting from the bus, so the person doesn't think I'm ignoring them when I go silent. In any case involving my life and phone, my life is definitely the only priority.

It's really sad that lives are lost in situations like these. This is not to justify the actions of the truck driver because, he probably would've noticed that the brake wasn't in good condition before putting it on the road, but decided to go on the road anyway, thinking he could manage. 

The mobile phone is only technology that exists to make things easier for us. It's sad that it has now become something we hold on to as if our lives depended on it. Please let's try as much as possible to keep ourselves safe at every time.

What do you think? Do you agree with the driver or the passenger, or you have your own opinion?
Let's talk about it in the comments!

Till Wednesday, xx

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