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This is one Friday I've been waiting for, yoohoo! Not because of anything, but because it's the day before Saturday.

This is one series that fascinates me. Unfortunately, the few people I've asked for feedback didn't like it that much. I also have a weird love-hate view about the main premise.

The way their team of thieves and sub-thieves were developed was clean and organized and the characters were very well strategically killed off (Well till Siobhan was killed, because I loved her so much). I also dislike it when I come to like a criminal, but this particular series made me fall in love with the main character - referred to as Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) the entire time - even when he was a complete criminal.

The police precinct was run out of an old garage, with only four officers. Four!!! I found that really interesting. Along the line, two of them (Emmett and Siobhan) were killed and someone else joined but the transition from the town being completely vulnerable to the point where even the always terrified officers became really confident that they totally wiped out this vulnerability was epic.

This is one series where I actually was emotionally attached to 95% of the characters. They were the most amazing criminals that carried out that criminality with such ruggedness and finesse. I should warn you however, that it has loads of sex scenes in it. Two people will literally look at each other and their clothes were off in a second. It could be distracting, but try to focus on the plot.

Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) though, was weird for me. You didn't know when he would be soft or hard hearted and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why his neice's (Rebecca) death affected him so much after the incest he committed and after getting back in the good graces of his mother. We can't say he "loved" her, could we? As ruthless as he is, I can't place my head round why he would kill anyone for her, really. A good reason will be that he and Rebecca's mother were really close, which we didn't see manifest in the series.

The ultimate thing for me, about the series was that from the beginning to the end of all four seasons, we didn't know the main character's real name. He just went by Lucas Hood, impersonating someone else that was supposed to be the sheriff of that town.

Rate:  9.5/10

Number of Seasons: 4

Recommendations: 1. Daddy's home  2. Eye in the sky

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Ayomidotun said...

Well... you did't comment about the sexual content. A little too much maybe?

Daddy's Home is mad funny and cool... so good humor for the whole family. And Eyes in the Sky was really an eye-opener for me. So many hurdles & tight-rope when it comes to life Or death situation in this global war against terrorism. A man goes to work on a typical day and doesn't know that before the day ends, he will be playing god, deciding who lives and who dies.

Nice review this week.

Ogunnupebi Damilola said...

Lol yes, maybe the sexual content was a little too much.

Eye in the Sky was...terrifying for me because of the fact that they had to make that decision between letting the girl die and letting her live.

Thanks for reading, please come back for more!

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