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Hi guys!

Happy New Week! I hope your weekends were amazing? I had a tiring one, so I hope yours was better.

Remember when I mentioned I was going to talk about my "entrepreneurial business where I sell caps" in this post? By the way, there was another movie review on Friday, hope you caught it?

More Lifestyle Company is a contemporary lifestyle brand, with special interests in the mix of prints and plain fabrics. It is a brand that has its main direction geared towards art.

Currently, the main product from this brand is its Afrocentric caps/hats (sold on pre-order basis), while subsequent products will include tote bags, skirts, head-wraps, creative frames, throw pillows, wallpapers.

The caps come with customized designs (drawn by me) and are intended to project the way its user would love to feel. In essence, it is solely concerned with completing your lovely smile.

I think we deserve accessories that brightens up our faces in the best way possible and these caps are designed to do that. This is why they are tailor-made for you.

I'll be very happy to chat with you over e-mail, phone or any of the social media channels, should you be interested in purchasing one, I can't wait to do business!

Photography: Oshomah (@oshomah)
Models: Kolade (@kozlatosh) and Fu'ad (@fuadxiv)
Design: Goodman (@okunadegoodman)

What did you think?

Till Friday, xx

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