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I've always been a fan of intelligence movies/series with a hint of comedy. It reduces the tension that comes with the genre, while still maintaining its uptight nature.

While I didn't quite enjoy the new light I was starting to see Ryan Reynolds (Bill Pope) in (he literally only spent 2 seconds in the film before his character was killed), I think I loved having Kevin Costner (Jerico) replace him. It took a while for me to really feel the plot's concept, as my excitement only started with Jerico's character towards the end.


I get that he was strategically chosen to replace Bill Pope because he apparently didn't feel anything, but I'm quite shocked that no one even thought to check on Bill's family or at least inform them that something was being done about Bill's memory (secret mission or not), instead of having Jerico spring up on them like that. Bill's daughter had the cutest lines by the way.

The only character that kept up his game throughout was Jordi Mollà, who played Xavier Heimdahl. His brutality was real and his death was epic (you should have heard his last words!). Bill's wife's transition from being really scared of Jerico to loving him like he was her husband, was sort of the beginning of "the real dawn" for me. Generally, the movie took quite a while before it really gripped me, but I was glad I waited till the end.

Rate:  5.5/10

Recommendations: 1. Barbershop The Next Cut  2. A Hologram For The King

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Have you seen Criminal? What did you think? 
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Ayomidotun said...

Interesting... I haven't seen The Criminal yet. please which year was it released (you didn't mention that in the post).
But I have seen Barber's Shop 2 (good comedy, not too impressive) and A Hologram for the King (boring drama with too many loose ends sha).

Looking forward to your next review.


Ogunnupebi Damilola said...

Thanks for reading, Ayomidotun.

Oh I'll be sure to include the year in subsequent posts! Criminal is a 2016 movie. I'm actually shocked you weren't impressed with Barber's Shop, but we all have our views, don't we?

Please keep coming back for reviews on other movies. xx

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