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Hi guys!

It's another day for poetry and this one is written by my darling friend, Samiat Alamutu. You can check her out on Twitter (@Ade_Toun) and Instagram (@lamiii.aa). I hope you like it as much as I do :)

They will come predicting God to you,
that you are a loss without them,
that you are god but not the creator,
even when you birth nations.

That you're also a creature,
that God created man and woman but not equal so, these men elevate themselves and shove you to the bottom of the food chain,
pulling scriptures out of your eyes to make strongholds for themselves in your life.

His command,
when He intends a thing is only that He says to it,Be! and it is!
so how can they forget that Jesus came solely out of womanhood?

They will make you into a religion;
a weird religion with your body as church,mosque,shrine and brothel all at once.
then they will shame you for every form of worship they steal from it, thieves!
they will tell you that subsisting is a woman's job.

Do not dissolve into poetry for them to heal their souls.
Cut yourself into their bitter truths/so that today/when a man sees woman/he becomes afraid/to swallow her up.

By Samiat Alamutu.

What do you think? Let's talk in the comments!

Till Friday, xx


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful

Lola Ogunnupebi said...

Thank you! Please follow more of Samiat's poems on her social media pages x

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