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Hi guys! How are you enjoying your Friday so far?

Like I said in this post, Fridays are for Movie/Series review and today’s pick is one movie that got me actually rolling on my back with laughter. By the way, have you read my last post on 10 things to do this January? The month is still young, you could find some things that can help steer your thoughts for 2017!

Before I go on, let me say that my reviews won’t be as intense as the usual ones you see. They are SOLELY my thoughts and points of views and can sound more like a conversation than the usual review style. I’ll also leave recommendations at the end of every review for those of you looking for a good movie to watch on a Friday.


This movie is what you can call a “wake up call”.

Jason: While I’m not a fan of Zac Efron’s, I would say he totally pulled off the role of the uptight-daddy’s-boy-and-obedient-fiancé-lawyer-guy really well. It was an absolute delight to hear him say “I get to handle SEC Compliant, LP Agreements and LLC Agreements” like a bazillion times! It seemed like that was all he could talk about, when asked what he did for a living. His delivery was spot on from the intensity of his character till the transition into the flexible, creative photographer.

Grandpa: Robert De Niro kept winning my heart with his character in this film. Well, he had already set the crazy-old-man tone for me since “The Intern”, so I wasn’t surprised that he was picked for this role at all. I wish I could write out every one of his lines, but you have to see for yourself! He wasn't like your usual grandpa; he was strong and bad-ass, definitely a grandpa I’d love to have.

Two of my other favorite oldie stars are Morgan Freeman and Harrison Ford, but I really couldn’t see them in this light. RDN was amazing in this movie.

It encompasses the need to really do what you feel liberated doing and enjoying great returns from it. I think it expressly captures the essence of family, unity, passion and growth either as individuals or as a group.

Rate: 9/10 (because I don’t like giving full marks)

Recommendations: 1. Criminal  2. Mother’s Day

Have you seen Dirty Grandpa? What did you think? 
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