Ten Back To Work Essentials

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Happy New Week :)

I know some people resumed work last week, we just resumed today and it's looking good. How has work been for you since inception this year? 2017 has really started and somehow, I see nothing other than a promising path so far. I hope your year is kicking off well and your January is on lock-down? I have a post from last week on how to lock January down.

I'm not sure if some of my readers are still in school (else I would have written an entire school related post) hence, the title. For a great start at work in a new year, here are ten back to work essentials just for you:

1. Stationery


Items like Notepads, pen, sticky notes are fantastic tools for effective role execution. They are great for recording notes and ideas that tend to leave your memory quickly. You can get a pair of creative notebooks at a very affordable price here.

2. Rubbish books

I cannot STRESS how excited these make me! Trust me, there aren't any printing companies that produce rubbish books, you just need an empty notebook where you can write thoughts and ideas and cancel things out like you don't care!

It delights me to see my note like this because it just tells me I have gone further than where I was before and there's potential for whatever I'm trying to get out of my head. You would barely see me with a correcting pen, it's just because I want to see the rubbish! Do you also do that, or am I the only one in this boat? (I hope not).

3. Jacket


If you're someone like me with a tissue paper skin, you definitely need a stay-in jacket. They're perfect for times when the office air conditioner decides to go berserk on you, thinking you can't do anything about it. Show it what you got, a counter jacket!

4. Sling bag


There's something my female colleagues do in the office, where they have their everyday items in the office and put things they need in their sling bags. It reduces the stress of having to carry heavy bags to and from the office. I'm quite stubborn in this department because, I might end up blaming myself for leaving something at the office when I suddenly need that thing later (even when I have convinced myself I didn't need it). I think it's a nice idea for those that will like to try it, so why not?

5. Mugs

For coffee, tea, hot/cold water, garri, anything! If you're feeling creative, you can get cool and specially picked mugs here for affordable prices too. I have a gigantic water bottle my colleagues still tease me about, but who cares? I don't use my gigantic water bottle for garri though. Just putting it out there.

6. Coffee

I'm sure some of you were expecting to see this. Well, maybe not, but like I mentioned in this post, I got initiated into the coffee society (I don't really know any cool coffee names yet though), but it is a great thing to pair with work. For me, everything from the smell to the way it feels after I've taken it, is a life on its own and I think you have a right to such magic life too. My friend @AishaSalaudeen on Twitter sells great, amazing coffee. Just give her a shout out to purchase one (This is NOT a sponsored ad)

7. Stress relief items


Two of these items that I know about are stress balls and rubix cube. They help you to think about creative ideas, while taking you away from your current reality. We all do need to reduce the stress once in a while, don't we? Any other stress relief items you know of apart from these two? Let me know in the comments below!

8. Lint-roller


Those annoying hairs that suddenly show up on your clothing can't stand a lint roller. It helps you get your suit prepared and sharp for important meetings that usually shows up at later times of the day, especially after you might have been stressed.

9. Mouth spray

In a typical office work space, we tend to be silent for like half of the day and this causes the mouth to emit certain odors after being closed for such a long period of time. Mouth sprays are perfect for those moments, especially when your crush decides to show up on the day you didn't expect you'd see them.

10. Events to attend for the month

At least one or two events in a month. Remember your goal is to go out to more informative events? Well, maybe not, but it's a great advantage to do that so; in light of events to attend, my friend Haneefah Adam will be having her first TEDx Talk in Surulere this month on the 27th. She's an amazing creative artist and you can learn a whole lot about her journey at the talk. Details in the flyer. I hope to see you there!

P.S: If you are still in school (whichever one) and you're a reader, let me know if you would like to see school related post here :)

What other suggestions do you have for back to work? Let me know in the comments below!

Till Wednesday, xx

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