10 Things I Regret Not Doing

Uncertainty can be fearsome at times, other times it can be hopeful or anything you want it to be. In my very early twenties, I found myself regretting a lot of things that I wish I had done when I was a teenager. While these things might not seem like much, they're quite important to me and learning them now is harder than it could've been if I had started earlier:

I wish I had -

1. Learned to play an instrument
This is one of the things I'm really regretting. If I had paid more attention to music class, I probably would've had a favorite musical instrument and learned to play it (For the record, when I mean "favorite", I mean the piano). I want to learn beat making, it's coming up so much and this girl knows nothing about reading music! Right now, my head is clogged with too much, I doubt if I would even have time to learn something new.

2. Learned at least one sport
One of my lecturers in University used to say that I was useless for sports because apparently I had the right height and I couldn't even play any one of the sports she mentioned. She was right, I do not know how to play any sport. I have, however found basketball interesting, but that's all there is to it - I find it interesting. I don't know anything about the sport, I don't even watch the games, nothing. I did visit a basketball court once and was more scared of the ball hitting my face than actually learning anything, so..

3. Kicked my career off earlier
I knew at an early age that I loved writing I have always read from an early age, but somehow, I just told myself that writing wasn't a thing. So I decided to be a doctor, then a lawyer, then, nothing yet till I got into University and was admitted for Human Resources Management (which I was hearing about for the first time then). I totally ignored writing and focused more on becoming a Management Consultant, but writing wouldn't leave me alone and I'm now just getting around to calling myself a writer. I wish I had realized this earlier.

4. Faced my fears earlier
I'm one to succumb to fear easily. That courage thing came for me much later. I'm glad it's far away from being as bad as it used to be, but I wished I had challenged certain things earlier. Maybe now, I would've moved ten times forward compared to where I am now, but Alhamdulillah for the journey so far.

5. Learned to drive earlier
I really wish I was like those people that just put a car on the street and drove. It's probably not important, but this is one thing I've spent too much time than necessary, trying to learn. I'm actually tired as it is. One would think I know how to ride a bicycle, but no. That one too. Let's just move on.

6. Lived more in the moment
I was too conscious of tomorrow to even think about today. I'm not saying it's wrong to think about tomorrow, I'm just saying as a kid, one could be easy on themselves, but I wasn't doing that. I missed out on a lot of things I could've worried less about and even now, I still haven't been able to reach those things that made me worry so much.

7. Traveled more
This right here! Rather than go anywhere - even if it was just three blocks away from my house - I'd prefer to just be in my house or my comfort zone. I remember at some point, I wished I had everything I needed in my room - shops, class, everything - so I wouldn't have to ever leave my room to go outside. Of course, at a point it started looking ridiculous to me.

8. Been responsible with spending
These days, I'm a saving queen when I can. I wish I had started way earlier though. Maybe my current "broke" fate would've headed in a different direction.

9. Made more friends
I absolutely LOVE my current friends, but somehow I wish I had made more friends. Not for the crowd, but for the concept of friendship. It can turn out to be something amazing at times and it's great for understanding the different views of different people.

10. Learned a language
This one is just very funny because, I took french classes from Primary School to University and still hated it. So, let me rephrase, when I say "language", I mean Spanish, Igbo, Hausa, Arabic, Hindi and German. Just that, nothing else. This is not to say other languages aren't good enough to be learned, I just think the way they sound is fascinating for me.

Do you have any regrets? Let's talk in the comments below!

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Till Friday, xx

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