This Valentine's..

Not too late for a gift, is it? No. It's not.

Hi guys!
Great Monday here, I hope?

Valentines have always been synonymous with special and while some will disagree, others will agree that this is a period when loads of thoughts are put into a material or immaterial thing. Or not. I think it's appreciation day and even if you can't get your spouse something, your thoughts still count.

I do know that humans (like me), love customized gifts and the buyers will love to get them at affordable prizes. But then again, you can show love to your special person any day of the year. I have also collaborated with Tesor Jewellery for a 20% discount off any jewellery purchased from them. These jewelleries are super cute and affordable, they can be purchased here using the code LOLA20 at check out to get 20% off orders.

They have got a really beautiful selection of jewellery from neck pieces, to bracelets and rings. Their necklaces have really pretty pendants too.

I have always being a lover of beautiful minimalist jewelry, especially if they're gold. They complement my skin very well and are not too loud.

I'm a lover of bracelets. I can even pair them with clothing I'm not supposed to pair them with. That's how much I love them. I think the crystals in these bracelets are super cute and should be used on anything just for the fun of it.

Don't even get me started on the neck pieces. I can use a neck piece on a really high neck, bishop collar, anything. I just love them round my neck, long too. That's why I'm a fan girl of this model with the black turtle neck. For people that are wondering what to get me for my birthday that isn't till June, here's a great gift suggestion. I will love you forever!

 This is so cute! This baby is just making me emotional inside. This neck piece comes with a great pendant/locket oozing with mommy's love.

  Proposal, anyone? Even if it isn't done on valentine's day, I still think these are gorgeous rings you should consider a symbol for starting your future journey with.

This one is my favorite. It says "Sign your heart with my name". That just closes it all for me. Thoughtful things like these get to me. See more really cute ones after the cut.

P.S: For those shopping Tesor Jewellery for Valentine's, I will write a really lovely poem to go with your gifts if you are interested. I guess we  can call it a small giveaway for love. Just send an e-mail to or send me a Twitter DM @LolaOgunnupebi.

I may also be doing a give away in the future and there might be certain requirements involved, so go follow Tesor Jewellery on social media!

Stay magical. Seriously. :)

Till Friday, xx

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